Resume Guidelines

As a part of the Resume guidelines the candidate is required to follow the details given under


Contact Details: -It is most important to provide your most current contact details this includes home phone, mobile phone, work phone, e-mail address, proper postal address with pin code, etc.


Education: - List your educational qualifications and any skills relevant to your training and type of job you have applied for. You should also include in this section information regarding your knowledge of computer programs, your education skills or language skills, etc. Please start with your most recent qualification and work backwards to your first relevant qualification.

  • Qualification: It means that you should include the name of the school or institute where you have completed your education, please also mention your completion date and level of education completed.
  • IT Skills:- Please mention the computer training you have completed as well as computer programs that you have used in your work place including any specialized course if the candidate has undergone while in previous job.


Experience: -The employment history should be directly relevant to the occupation under which the candidate is applying for job category. The candidate should list the skills and experience that has been gained in this position as well as responsibilities and achievements. The experience should start with present employment and work towards the first relevant job

  • Title:-Insert the name of the position you held for example TGT/PGT
  • Date: - Insert the date you started and finished in this position in the organization includes the name of college / university and a brief description of how many total departments/subjects the college is teaching and the number of students
  • Job responsibilities: -The job responsibilities handled by the candidate should provide with the information about the role in the organization and the skills that a candidate possesses following are the important points.
    • What job/work profile is included in day to day?
    • Did the candidate worked as a part of the team or independently.
    • Did the candidate supervise the staff?
    • Did the candidate have to use any computer software or manual skills?
    • Did candidate work with external service providers or client?
    • Did candidate have liaised with management?
    • Did candidate have provided information to internal or external people?
    • Did the candidate have looked after information, library, labs, or administration?
    • Did the candidate have taken work schedules and procedure?
    • List any other responsibilities relevant to the job role.


Achievements: - The achievements you list will demonstrate your skills and strengths in previous positions. The achievements can be work performance that has been achieved as a successful out come or accomplishment such as awards, completion of training for promotions. You can include the following :

  • Saving your organization/institutions money for example by reorganizing a system that reduces labor costs.
  • Improving systems or processes such as creating a procedure that saves time or increased productivity.
  • Increasing students /parents satisfaction
  • Meeting or exceeding targets.
  • Solving problems or handling a difficult situation in your work place.
  • Promotions or awards received for goods achieved.