Quest Educare Solution is a recruitment Consultant specialises in recruitment for teachers and support staff into Schools and Colleges.

Educare solution has set the standard for teaching and education recruitment in Delhi/NCR.

As one of the Delhi/NCR largest education recruitment consultant, we pride ourselves on providing a unique quality of services to Schools, Colleges, Institutes and academics as well as offering unrivalled working flexibility to all of our teachers and support candidates.

Educare solution sets itself apart from other recruitment agencies in the following three ways:

  • Expertise
  • Efficiency
  • Experience

Educare Solution offers professional recruitment services for hiring teachers, acquiring executive faculty (principal/teachers and school administration, university faculty), and recruitment consulting (government recruitment initiatives, planning and HR for private Schools).

Recruitment at Educare is unique: instead of focusing on the teachers qualifications alone, the recruitment process is also equally focused on screening School and education instituition.Recruitment methods at Educare include the following key features:

  • Finding the perfect school for each candidate through careful screening of School and teachers.
  • Access to the largest variety of teaching jobs.
  • Recruitment support through the entire process: application, placement, returning home.

Educare recognizes that happy teachers generally equates to high quality instruction.Therefore Educare Solution strives to engender meaningful, lasting relationships between teacher and educational institution to make the teaching experience a positive one.